Importing data

We are happy to import your leads and prospects.

Please send your leads to in excel-format and make sure that:

  1. The file should only have leads for one user - if you have leads for multiple users, please send multiple files
  2. The user's name should be part of the file name to avoid mistakes
  3. If you have more than one sales process in your Milestone Selling account, the file name should also tell what process to import leads in to
  4. Only one line/row for the same lead or company
  5. Contact data (one contact per lead) should be in the same row 
  6. Coloumns should have the same headers as fields in Milestone Selling (Company-fields, Contact-fields and Custom fields if you have any customized fields).
  7. Only one e-mail in one row, only one www/url in one row etc.
  8. Please delete information or coloumns not to be imported
  9. Please delete empty lines or rows

And be advised that:

  1. Any markings (colored rows, bold letters etc) will be ignored
  2. Coloumns in excel with out a corresponding field in Milestone Selling can not be imported
  3. You may find our import template on this page helpful
  4. If you have any custom fields, you should add these as coloumns in the template


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